Would you like to be your own branding provider?

How about generating another revenue stream from hundreds of customers that are looking for a service just like this?

Why become an AdHootz partner?

  • You will be able to offer a powerful branding service to your existing and new clients.

  • You will be able to enjoy the enhanced reputation as being a ‘market leader’ in your industry.

  • You will be able to generate another revenue stream, independent from your existing sales.

  • You will be able benefit from your brand appearing on millions of your clients promos, further enhancing your profitability.


What will I get?

  • You will receive your own website, just like this one. This will include the core functionality, videos and fully ready to go payment gateway and signup page.

  • You will be able to re-brand it according to your own company design guidelines, change the URL and banking details so that it operates as a smooth extension of your existing business.

  • Automatic updates to the software, ongoing support and tutorials.

  • Leads. Based on your area, you will receive any leads from our independent marketing and online enquiries generation.


What will it cost?

The site and all of the associated software will cost £190 per month. Of course, after that, all sales you make from the software will be your own and will go directly through to your own bank account.

How much can I charge?

You can update the charging tables based on your client’s expectations. This is often determined by location. Average pricing can be anything between £12 to £180 per month depending on the set of features the customer needs.